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New controversial court fees for monetary claims will come into place on 9th March 2015.

The increases are significant and will mean that from claims of over £10,000 court fees will be increased to 5% of the monetary claim, capped at £10,000.

There is a proposed discount of 10% for all monetary claims ranging from £10,000-£99,999 when they are filed electronically.

The Law Society, along with other professional bodies has condemned the increased fees as a “threat to the access to justice.” This is because it is likely that some creditors will decide not to issue the new and unaffordable court proceedings, especially if the prospect of success is low. This will therefore have a detrimental effect on small businesses and consumers. The Law Society has issued a pre action protocol letter to the Ministry of Justice to obtain Judicial Review of the increases in fees.

In advance of these new fees it is recommended that anyone who is currently in the midst of a financial dispute, reviews the situation and issues court proceedings in advance of the 9th March 2015 deadline.

The table below outlines the increases:

Claim  Value Current Fee (paper) New fee Increase in fee
£1000 not exceeding £1500 £80 Unchanged No increase
£1500 not exceeding £3000 £115 Unchanged No increase
£3000 not exceeding £5000 £205 Unchanged No increase
£5000 not exceeding £10,000 £455 Unchanged No increase
£15,000 £610 £750 £140
£20,000 £610 £1,000 £390
£40,000 £610 £2,000 £1,390
£90,000 £910 £4,500 £3,590
£150,000 £1,315 £7,500 £6,185
£190,000 £1,315 £9,500 £8,185
£200,000 £1,515 £10,000 £8,725
£250,000 £1,720 £10,000 £8,280

This article was last modified on 3rd March 2015 and was correct as of this date. However, for expert advice in connection with the above or any monetary claims, please contact our Civil Litigation Department on 024 76229582 or email

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