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Powers of Attorney

Options available to you

– Power of Attorney

This will allow someone else to have the legal power to manage your affairs when you cannot manage them yourself. You must nominate someone to have this power. No one can simply ‘take’ the power from you and you must be aware of the consequences of giving the power to someone else. You can cancel the power any time.

– Lasting Power of Attorney

This option allows you to choose someone to manage your affairs if you become permanently or temporarily unable to do so in the future. It can be prepared whilst you have capacity and will not have legal standing until it is registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. A registered Lasting Power of Attorney can be used at any time whether you have mental capacity or not.

There are two types of LPA: Property and Affairs LPA and Personal Welfare LPA.

A Property and Affairs LPA allows you to choose someone to make decisions about how to spend your money and the way your property and affairs are managed.

A Personal Welfare LPA allows you to choose someone to make decisions about your healthcare and welfare. This includes decisions to refuse or consent to treatment on your behalf and deciding where you live. These decisions can only be taken on your behalf once your LPA is registered and you lack capacity to make such decisions yourself.

For further information regarding Lasting Power of Attorney and Deputyship please follow the link to the Office of the Public Guardian.

– The Court of Protection

This option is used if someone becomes mentally incapacitated. The court may then choose someone to manage the person’s finances for them (this may be a close friend or relative or a solicitor).

Solicitors Costs

Seeing a solicitor is not as expensive as most people imagine. The first appointment with a new client may be free of charge and at this meeting we will set out for you the costs likely to be involved in the services which we provide.

The Next Step

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