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Financial matters: property and finance

As a result of the divorce or dissolution of civil partnership, many other problems often require professional legal advice. Disagreements regarding money, property, maintenance and/or contact with children are often the main problems. We can guide you in attempting to reach a mutually convenient arrangement/settlement with your husband or wife. Although it is usually in the interests of the parties to reach an agreement out of court, if it is not an option, we can assist you in making the necessary application to the court to reach a financial settlement.

Joint tenancy, tenancy in common and severance of tenancy
Financial matters
Financial Applications (divorce)
I want to apply for a financial order
Going to Court
Registering an unpaid county court maintenance order or obtaining an attachment of earnings order

One of our experienced family solicitors will be happy to assist you in your children matters. Please contact Severine Vincent on 01926 422101 or visit our Contact page. Alternatively, you can send Severine a message direct using departments contact form.

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