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Setting up a home together

There is no such thing in law as “Common Law Husband” or “Common Law Wife”. However, there are steps you can take to ensure the financial wellbeing of your family even if you are not married.  We can explain to you the current state of affairs and the legal implications of cohabiting with your partner.

Living together (cohabitation)

The end of the relationship

Unlike married couples, when a cohabiting couple’s relationship ends, there is no legal provision for maintenance or the fair distribution of property.  We can advise you about the law in this area and how you can protect your position should your relationship end.

What happens if I split up with my partner
Cohabitation Disputes

One of our experienced family solicitors will be happy to assist you in your children matters. Please contact Severine Vincent on 01926 422 101 or visit our Contact page. Alternatively, you can send Severine a message direct using departments contact form.

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