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Changing Your Name

There are a variety of reasons why people wish to change their name. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change a name on a birth certificate and a legal document called a “deed poll” or “change of name deed” is required. The original deed poll will then have to be retained by yourself and certified copies (which we would provide you with) would then have to be produced to the relevant Authorities, such as the Passport Office, DVLA, Banks, Inland Revenue, DWP, Schools, Pension companies, Employers, Local Authorities etc.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a change of name deed is £150 + VAT.

One of our experienced family solicitors will be happy to assist you in that regard. Please contact Severine Vincent on 01926 422 101 or visit our Contact page. Alternatively you can send a message directly using the contact form.

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