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Medical negligence or Personal Injury?

Unsure if you have suffered a medical injury or personal injury? Below we have provided a little insight as to how both can be differentiated.

Personal injury cases tend to be more straightforward than medical negligence claims. When we are dealing with road traffic accidents or workplace accidents we are able to establish who is at fault and exactly how the injury came into place.

An example of this is in a road traffic accident, where a car has impacted another car whilst it is stationary. For employer’s liability claims, claims may arise where the employer did not provide the employees with the correct PPE within the workplace, which resulted in harm to the employees. The facts of the claim are usually straightforward and it is the quantum which is in dispute.

Medical negligence cases focus more on the care and treatment an individual has received from a medical professional. These cases tend to be more complex and involve a variety of individuals. It is often difficult to pinpoint exactly what went wrong and how it came into play. A lot of these cases tend to be unique in their own way and some circumstances will be unheard of.

The medical profession is a complex field but the last thing that is expected is for something to go wrong. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances do occur, and mistakes can be made which result in lifelong disabilities or difficulties for individuals. These can vary in severity and can create a huge impact on individuals’ everyday life.

As solicitors we are not medically qualified, but over the years we have built relationships with various medical experts who are able to provide their opinions on the matter. They are trained in the medical field and can provide advice on what a reasonable medical expert would have been expected to do and they can refer to any relevant guidelines they would have been expected to follow.

At Field Overell LLP we understand the complexity and the distressing impact these circumstances have on an individual’s life. We will make it our job to make the relevant investigations alongside the advice of experienced specialists in specified medical fields. We understand no amount of money can turn back the clock but we are here to support you in the next steps you take to help mitigate your losses.

If you would like further advice in connection with the matters raised in this article then please contact Mr McCusker on 02476 229 582.

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