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Employment law

The law relating to matters of employment is technical and it changes regularly. If you are an employer it is crucial that you remain informed and make sure your business is compliant.

We can assist you with drafting employee contracts, informing you of your duties as an employer and advising you on the appropriate course of action in disciplinary matters. We can draft compromise agreements whereby terms of settlement are reached with an employee and you are protected from future claims.

Employment claims can be extremely costly even if the employer is eventually successful and the stigma attached can affect the success of your business in the future.

It is therefore important if you become the subject of a complaint by an employee that you attempt to resolve it expeditiously. There are tight timescales for applications to the Employment Tribunal and a minor complaint may quickly become a protracted claim if it is not dealt with.

In the majority of cases a solution can be found before an application to the Tribunal becomes necessary. When an employee makes a claim more often then not it is possible to negotiate a settlement before the case reaches a hearing.

We can negotiate with the applicant on your behalf and represent you in the proceedings if the case progresses to a Tribunal.

If you are an employee and feel you have been unfairly treated you should first seek to resolve your complaint through your employer’s internal grievance procedure.

If you are contemplating making an application to the Employment Tribunal we can advise you on your prospects of success and assist you in drafting your application. We will negotiate with your employer on your behalf and represent you in Tribunal proceedings.

If your employer has offered you a settlement agreement we can advise you of its implications and ensure its terms are favourable to you.


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